Être le Changement | Being the change​

Workshops & training

To come back to oneself, to shed light on one’s shadow areas with curiosity, to acquire a new way of experiencing relationships and to dare to be creative!

I offer coaching and professional supervision sessions, mediation, individual, couple or family support. And this year I am launching a first training course in Social Health!

Interventions within
your organisation

To better take into account the needs of the members of your organisation, to find fluidity in interpersonal relations and dynamism in the implementation of projects.

I create with you tailor-made interventions, based on your desire to evolve. I use a variety of creative resources to support your own dynamics.

My approach reconciles personal development, relational perspective & collective action
for projects that are both stimulating and efficient.

Getting to know each other

Fleur Mathet

Social designer, facilitator, trainer, psycho-practitioner and mediator, but above all a companion in exploration, I offer you a fun, sensitive and dynamic approach.

The area of my interventions

France and the French-speaking world, Europe, other countries: I would be happy to accept your invitation wherever you are in the world.

Discovery workshops,
video or face-to-face

I regularly offer workshops to discover my approach, either remotely by video or in person.

Set up a meeting

I propose a 20 minute meeting to get to know each other and for you to tell me what you would like to explore with me.


You will find all my rates on this page as well as a presentation of the costs related to my activity, for more transparency.

My vision

I want to contribute to the emergence of a planetary culture of Connection to Life, Authentic Dialogue, Responsibility and Regenerative Collective Action.

My mission

Accompanying people and organisations that are agents of change to support both their nervous systems and their initiatives towards greater joy and efficiency, and to invent tomorrow’s world together with wisdom, love and power.

My approach

As an original synthesis, I describe my approach as experiential, multimodal, participatory and person-centred. It calls for creativity in all its forms.

A variety of approaches & inspirations

Presence & (Co)regulation

Because that’s where it all begins! Listening to the body, empathy, regulation and co-regulation of the nervous system, the secrets of a serene presence in the world are revealed here through simple and deeply nourishing games and practices.


Direct Communication is an essential approach to relationships based on authenticity, consent and experiencing conflict as an opportunity for mutual growth. It is the number one prerequisite for the establishment of any collective intelligence system.

Play & creativity

Verbal language is not the only language we have! Play and creativity in all its forms allow us to connect to our resources in a fun but also profound way, and to communicate to those around us in an inspired – and inspiring – way!

Life Cycle & Connexion to Nature

Observing nature allows us to reconnect to the web of life and the intelligence of cycles.

I propose a dynamic reading grid, open to the sensitivity and creativity of each person, a kind of compass to connect, understand, accept and orient ourselves with the patience necessary for any long-term work.

Clarity & consent

Consent is essential to any authentic cooperative relationship. In our culture, marked by domination and obedience, it is not always easy to know how to make a request, to dare to question and negotiate, to answer or receive a real yes or no…

Discover here how to live consent in your personal and professional relationships, without losing your authority or your composure!

Dynamic Social Design

Is social life not comparable to a life-size game, with its presuppositions, rules and goals?

Dynamic social design aims to clarify and redefine the world and the rules of this game, based on the needs of the people concerned, for greater creativity, cooperation and collective efficiency.

Are you interested in the experience?

Other Projects

L'entrée en matière

L’entrée en matière brings together my proposals for the co-creation of regenerative rituals based on movement, play and creativity.

Come and discover the Ritual play, the cuddling sessions or the massage à la carte… and create with me tailor-made forms of care, play and healing.

Plan B

Since 2013, I have been working with Thomas Marshall as a duo on a personal and professional level. We facilitate some of our interventions together.

Santé sociale

My work is part of the more global project of the Institut de Recherche et d’Intervention en Santé sociale (Institute for Research and Intervention in Social Health).

Through this association, we aspire to team up with other researchers, professionals and artists who wish to contribute to a new culture of the human in society.

La Croisée des Chemins​

La Croisée des Chemins is the school I founded in 2013.

An initiatory adventure, this project made me grow AND brought me closer to the child in me. It allows me to share today the fruit of the research I was pushed to in the face of the difficulties I was confronted with.

Any questions? Any reactions?

I propose a 20-minute meeting to get to know each other.
We can also exchange information in writing.

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